International Karate Daigaku

International Karate Organization. We are a member of the IKD.

Martial Arts For Peace

A wonderful resource for learning about conflict, prejudice, and bullying.

International Shotokan Karate Federation

International Karate organization.

Japan Karate Association

International Karate organization.

Rockwood Karate Club

A sister dojo in Canada.

Suggested Reading

Karate-Do My Way of Life

by Gichin Funakoshi

Mind and Body Like Bullet

by Sensei Yutaka Yaguchi with Catherine Pinch

Best Karate, Vol. 1: Comprehensive

by Masatoshi Nakayama (Check out the entire series. There are 11 books total.)

Karate: the art of empty self

by Terrence Webster-Doyle

The Art of Zen Yoga

by Aaron Hoopes (Check out his other books and DVDs too.)

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Mahatma Ghandi